From the recording Leaving Key Member Clause

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Leaving Key Member Clause Liner Notes

Title: Leaving Key Member Clause

Artist: David Lowery

Catalog PAT2020-1
pitch-a-tent records

Song Titles
1. Europass (5:37)
2. We Hate You (3:14)
3. Everybody Get a F****** Day Job (2:18)
4. Leaving Key Member Clause (3:15)
5. Piney Woods (6:08)
6. Let it Roll Down That Hill (3:01)
7. Pretty Girl from Oregon Hill (3:31)
8. Father Sons and Brothers (4:59)

Produced and Recorded by Velena Vego and David Lowery
1,2,3,7 Mixed by Drew Vandenberg
4,5,6,8 Mixed by David Lowery
Additional recording by Bryan Howard
Mastered by Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction
All songs written by David Lowery
Bicycle Spaniard Music (BMI)
© and Ⓟ 2020 David Lowery
Management: Velena Vego Management,
Booking: Jerry Lima, Madison House,
Artwork by Jeremy Fetzer

pitch-a-tent records PAT2021-1

This is the second in a series of albums that are autobiographical. This mostly covers the period 1989 to 1996. I do this not so much to tell my story but also tell the stories of others who have shared their lives with me. This is a limited edition of 1,000 CDs. Please do not make copies or upload to SoundCloud, YouTube, etc. Think small. Ubiquity is overrated.

Released Jan 1st 2021

Performed by David Lowery and the COVID 8. All backing musicians were paid union scale. However, if you feel so inclined you may tip the musicians. Paypal or Venmo is listed below.

Leith Fleming-Smith: Organ (Track 8) PayPal:
Bryan Howard: Bass and electric guitar. Venmo: @Bryan-Howard-bjh
Jeremy Lawton: Organ and piano (Track 4)
David Lowery: Vocals, guitar, tambourine and banjo
Luke Moller: String arrangements, fiddle, violin, viola, cello. Venmo: @Luke-Moller
Carlton Owens: Drums. Venmo: @Carlton-Owens-2
Matt “Pistol” Stoessel: Pedal steel. Venmo: @Pistolpedalsteel
Velena Vego: Hand claps, castanets, percussion and vocals


Leaving Key Member Clause

Well I [C] arrived late night in
[F] Southern Cali [C] fornia
got a [C] ride from Jackson
to my [F] old place in the Hollywood [C] Hills

“Congratu-[G]-lations you’ve been de-[F]-clared
the band’s key [C] member
here’s the re-[G]-cording contract
and [F] all of the unrecouped [C] debt”

Drove my Valiant out to my Redlands
storage locker
the door was open
the lock laying on the ground
all my gear was gone
just a crate of vinyl records
sold them all for cash
at Rhino Records that afternoon.

I took that [am]cash and my
last [G] two thousand [F] dollars
bought a [am]Tascam 688 [G]
and so micro-[F] phones
set it [C] all up
in the [F] kitchen of Bryan McPherson’s [C] apartment
The [G] record company contract
[F] leaving key member [C] clause

Johnny Hickman comes in
with a black eye just out of Kern County
a Circle K argument
over incorrect change
couldn’t make up my mind if this was a good
or terrible omen
but he took out his frustrations
playing guitar on every song
I could barely get by on my Bug
mechanical royalties
But the record company parties
kept us fed and drunk
there were local girl flirtations
in the Hollywood dive bars
the record company contract
leaving key member clause
it’s a wonder we got anything
done at all
it’s a wonder we ever left