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03-Mark Loved Dogs and Babies

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Mark Loved Dogs and Babies

Mary found Jed behind the 7-11 out on Doswell road
It took a while to tame him but then it took
It was minus 5 one winter night
The woodstove blazing hot
He came into the house all on his own
Jed never liked the guitar player
He was always trying to bite his ass
Other wise that dog loved everyone

Lucy had a broken leg
From a fall off a balcony
That’s what her owner said we didn’t believe

Took little Lucy got a pin put in her leg
And no we never gave her back
I guess we are dog nappers

Lucy bit everybody except for Mark Linkous
He would pick her up for rides in his car
He even wrote two songs about her
And everyone just assumed
They were love songs bout a beautiful girl

Mark loved dogs and babies he came to visit my day old son
He took a big sniff of his head and said “ I love that smell”
Mark loved dogs and babies and may have a happier life
If he and his wife could have had little babies of their own
Or maybe not