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07-Giving Tree Father

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The Giving Tree Father

C F Am G F F C C

Where you gonna go my black haired son
You can’t be the prodigal one
Your mother she’s asleep and the winter is deep
White snow beneath the old leafless oak

G G F C Am G F F

We can go for a drive while the roads they are fine
Black velvet ribbon of the blue ridge skyway
While Aphex Twins softly bleats from the speakers
I’m sorry I gave you my bad chemistry

When you were fifteen I was out on the road
When you probably needed me most
“Father that’s not true” but it probably is
The small lie says you’re a good son

So please take from me I’m the giving tree
Climb on my branches and rest in my shade
You can have all my fruit and when I grow old
Chop me down and sell off the wood

Cause when I was young I was The Cover of the Rolling Stone father
Also by Shel Silverstein
But now that you’re my son I’m the giving tree father
And that’s what you gave to me